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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Welcome to MadManagement

Welcome to MadManagement, my new blog about anything and everything relevant to anger and anger mangagement. Through this blog I hope to engage practitioners and people from every walk of life grappling with anger. Consider this blog a forum and social network to join in the discussion and share experiences, successes and failures, about one of the most misunderstood emotions--anger.

As an anger management provider and executive coach with considerable experience providing anger management assessments and intervention to businesses and industries in Northern California, I also participate as a lecturer, speaker, writer and visionary. Last month I was appointed to lead the American Association of Anger Management Providers (AAAMP) organization; my first goal in taking on this responsibility will be to help increase the visibility and credibility of the organization. As our society becomes more stressed and our natural support systems are lost, our ability to manage anger is reduced. Anger management is by far the most promising intervention available to address the issues of incivility, anger, stress, miscommunication and lack of emotional intelligence.

AAAMP was organized in 2003 to become the leading voice to express the concerns of Certified Anger Management Facilitators (CAMF) nationwide. Today, there are thousands of certified anger management facilitators nationwide representing the most highly trained individuals in anger management in the world. While Anger Management as a specialized practice is in its infancy, AAAMP continues to advocate for excellence on the part of practitioners and scholars in the field. Practice based research will be imperative to further develop evidenced based solutions to inappropriate expressions of anger and person-directed violence. Like my predecessor, I will work to achieve the following major objectives: 1) To increase the visibility of the Association in every state among schools, organizations and individuals; 2) To provide members with technical support and assist them in providing relevant services; 3) To increase membership; 4). To establish state standards nationwide for all professional anger management providers; 5) To ensure that AAAMP becomes the single most respected voice on anger management issues nationwide.

Through greater visibility in the print, television media and over the internet, I will make the voice of "AAAMP ers" known nationwide on emerging social issues.

Complete and full details on the American Association of Anger Management Providers can be found by visiting www.aaamp.org. You can reach me, Yacine Bell, directly at 510-393-0250 or via email at aminstitute@gmail.com.

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