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Thursday, July 30, 2009

A New Start, A New Year

Starting off fresh can be the panacea for all things that went wrong before, or for things that didn't turn out exactly how we would have hoped for. And it is why new beginnings, like the start of 2009, can and maybe should, evoke feelings of hope and opportunity to get it right this time. Doesn't matter if getting it right means you've committed to eating healthier, exercising regularly, separating recyclables, doing your part for the environment, or to simply take more time for self awareness and improvement, when you decide to make important changes in your life, you make an investment in yourself that reaps great rewards for the most important beneficiary: you. As we embark on this most anticipated new year, be ever mindful that we are always at a place to start anew, mend what was broken or improve or change our lives if we wish to do so--here's to a wonderful new start in a year with numerous possibilities--Yacine Bell

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