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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shopping Online for Anger Management

Anger Management on the Internet

The internet has become the place to buy, sell, learn and even meet the person of your dreams. While the internet offers convenience on many levels, it is not the vehicle for people with anger issues. Anyone with anger management issues needs a trained professional to move them forward.

In my opinion people who have been ordered by the court or an employer should refrain from using online services offering anger management intervention. Many of these resources are not certified and not trained in a reliable model that the courts and accept.

There are many ways to get through court ordered anger management quickly, however, working with an uncertified provider is NOT the way. Whenever inquiring with a provider about their services be sure they are certified. Other ways to protect your time and money is to find an Anderson trained provider. You can go to the American Association of Anger Management Providers List (http://www.aaamp.org) , or the Anger Management Directory (http://www.anger-management-resources.org ).

On-line anger management provided by a non-certified provider does not guarantee court acceptance.

Yacine E. Bell CAMF; CPCC; Certified Mediator

Director of the Anger Management Institute, LLC

President of the American Association of Anger Management Providers



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