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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Little About Anger Management

I am an Anderson trained Anger Management Facilitator for  self-referred and court ordered adolescents and adults with a specialty in Employer ordered clients. 

The most qualified and well trained providers in Anger Management are Anderson trained facilitators.  The curriculum and training of facilitators is rigorous and comprehensive.  George Anderson is really the person who set the bar in creating a solid field of study when it comes to the subject of anger management.   Prior to the last 10 years providers of anger management were generally ex-offenders who saw the error of their ways, learned from their mistakes and then set out a shingle as providers of anger management.  Not to demean the hard earned knowledge of the earlier providers of AM however it is important to say that the knowledge base was not enough until  the Guru of AM, George Anderson came along and filled in the serious gaps in training people to be providers anger management.  Anger Management is extremely effective in changing the lives of people worldwide thanks to Mr. Anderson's studies and work in the field.  

I have been personally mentored and trained by Mr. Anderson.  As a result of training and effective assessment tools as well as continuing education I have a 99% success rate of moving people effectively forward from where they are to where they need to be in managing stress and anger, emotional intelligence and communication.

For further information please contact the Anger Management Institute, LLC, 510.393.0250