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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Amazon's Good Customer Service Creates A Win For The Customer

Customer service representatives are the front lines of a company's bottom line.  Having had a nice handful, recently, of positive experiences with Amazon’s customer service department, I would say they know something that many major corporations today do not.    It could be personal growth training's and/or solid salaries for the frontline service reps.  Whatever it is it works.  I'm sold on working with Amazon!   

 The magic of a healthy, well-treated, well-trained customer service person trickles down to the customer experience and makes for a win-win interchange.  Happy customer makes for a happy bottom line.

 Your small or large business can benefit from ongoing group civility and emotional intelligence training.  Training's for the frontlines and management is like pushing the refresh button of your most valuable resource and improving the bottom-line.