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Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Few Thoughts!

A Few Thoughts

A qualified anger and stress management specialist is always the best choice to see you through your challenges with anger.   Therapists are usually not efficient at anger management unless specifically trained.  Most are not. That may be why you find yourself still angry after working with a traditional therapist who has not gone down the specific track of learning the modality and garnering the tools to specialize.

The good news is that anger is a normal human emotion everyone gets angry from time to time. Anger becomes an issue when it becomes ianppropiate. So what does inappropiate look like? Well, if your anger is detroying your work or personal reliationships; leads to aggression; is too intense, frequent or lasts to long then I would say there is an anger management challenge. If you have any of these issues it is not considered an illness or a mental disorder.

If you have impulse/anger control issues the good news is that you're not "crazy." or "broken" regardless to what anyone says about your actions.   Anger management is not therapy however it is very theraputic.  Anger Management is actually listed as "education" and your actions are considered bad behavior and not an illness. 

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