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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Anger Management Training

Anger Management Institute of Oakland, CA.
How does anger undermine your success?

Managers, end inefficiency and conflict among your staff. Parents, stop yelling at your kids. Partners, resolve disagreements and strengthen relationships. Improve your response to stress and anger now. You can manage anger, successfully achieve professional and personal goals, and increase the opportunity for a productive and healthy life.

Individual and group anger management
An Anderson & Anderson Certified Anger Management Provider of assessments and training for court-ordered referrals.
Organizational training for businesses.
Accelerated Anger Management classes for managers, executives, and staff.
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Few Ideas for Treatment of Your Anger

Are you looking for treatment options for your anger management issue?

A qualified anger and stress management specialist is always best. You have to be specifically trained to provide anger management with great permanent results. Therapists are usually not efficient as providers of anger management. The good news is that anger management is a normal human emotion and if you have anger issues it is not considered an illness or a mental disorder. Further good news is that you're not "crazy" or "broken" regardless to what anyone says about your behavior when an anger outburst occurs. Anger Management issues is actually bad behavior.

It isn't easy to manage your anger without trained support if you really are prone to bad episodes of acting out. Surprisingly, if you are just a little disciplined and committed to changing you can actually personally start the work yourself.
Reading books is always a great start. Volunteer work is always good because it can take you out of your world and can provide a huge fresh perspective. Forgiving and letting go are probably two of the great antidotes for people with anger issues. I am also an advocate of Yoga classes, Tai Chi, hobbies, or doing something that you love is also great along with trying something new. All the above are incredible strategies for learning to manage anger on your own.

While the above examples are not the complete answer the above suggestions are wonderfully effective as a way to get started with managing your anger. Please feel free to call Yacine Bell at the Anger Management Institute for a free consultation regarding your concerns or to enroll in anger management. The Anger Management Institute specializes in anger, stress, communication and emotional intelligence.

Looking forward to our conversation.