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Monday, February 14, 2011

Inexpensive Ways To Manage Anger

Yesterday I had a lengthy conversation with a person who i shared inexpensive ways to begin working on anger management. I have a lot of suggestions however here are only a few:

Outlets are important. Anger is a secondary emotion meaning that something always precedes it. Currently, most new clients enrolling in AM are having anger breakdowns that are precipitated by stress. Stress from not working or over working for an example. The best cure for stress related anger is to have outlets. Physical activities, reading, dancing, cooking classes whatever a person regards as fun. Fun by the way is considered by most Americans as an "extra" in their life when in fact fun is an actual physiological necessity and natural medicine for good health.

Taking breaks can be very good. If you feel yourself getting stressed. Get up, take a walk, or go watch a movie. Simply remove yourself from what is starting to frustrate you and get a fresh perspective. You can leave and return as often as you need until you get a hold of the stress. Remember stress is not all in your head however that is where it gains its momentum.

Good music in the car during traffic is great. No rock or rap as both styles of music exacerbate the frustration of traffic. Try nice, melodic sing alongs like the Temptations or Simon and Garfunkle.

Reduce radio, TV and Internet news by 60 percent. Constantly having your ear to the news is stress relating and actually statistics have shown a huge number of minor to major incidents are caused by being consumed by death, pestilence, disease and the Dow/stock market. Never set your alarm to the news to wake you up.

If you or someone you know is experiencing issues of anger or stress please do not hesitate to call:

Anger Management Institute, LLC 510.393.0250

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

No Fail Indicators of Having an Anger Issue

There are five signs that are unmistakable indicators that one has an anger issue. These are no fail.

1. When anger is too frequent
2. When anger is too intense.
3. When anger lasts too long.
4. When anger leads to aggression
5. When anger destroys work or personal relationships.

If you or someone you know is experiencing any of the above please do not hesitate to call:Anger Management Institute, LLC 510.393.0250

Friday, February 4, 2011

About Anger Management

What is the process for finding anger triggers?

I am an evidence-based Anger Management program. I use an evidence-based assessment with both a pre and post component. The assessment I use allows me to know what a persons triggers are and is 100% reliable. An assessment is not necessarily the only route in finding a persons triggers, however using an assessment component is the fastest and most efficient way to find a clients triggers. Using an assessment component for all entering clients allows me to customize and specialize my practice of anger management for each individual client.

An assessment component is like having a map that tells me on day one where I need to go with a client. A genuinely qualified Anger Management provider uses an assessment component. I often tell people that if you live in SF and you have to go to San Diego you can pretty well get to your destination because SD is simply "down" from SF. You can get there even though you will probably have to stop a few times without a map or directions. However, if you have a GPS system and/or a map, you can get to San Diego quickly and efficiently with few to no stops and in less time with no mistakes. Because I have an assessment as a personal map for each client, from day one I can immediately identify trigger's and the healing work can begin literally in the first meeting.

Triggers without an assessment can be found; however it will probably take several weeks to grasp what is going on with the client. After several weeks working with me in my practice, a client is well on the way to greater control and management skills. I believe that people should get back to the business of living and loving their lives without the debilitating behavior of uncontrollable anger, so I opt for the quickest and most efficient way to move people forward.

For more information please call the Anger Management institute: 510.393.0250