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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Holidays...

The holidays are here and the remaining weeks of the year are upon us. Considering the many facets I've come to discover about anger management over the years, one important fact is that for many of us the holidays in particular are a source of great stress and often sadness. There are numerous reasons why the most 'joyous' time of the year might provoke anxiety, one obvious reason the difficulty it is for most people to measure up to the Hallmark image of family camaraderie, gleeful spending, and feelings of good will to all, this time of year. Also, many times the holidays evoke memories of a simpler time when loved ones, who are now long gone, were vibrantly alive and represented the central and cohesive member of the family and of family traditions. Then there are those whose memories of holidays were rife with unhappiness and pain. Whatever the scenario, know and understand that all of these experiences are valid and should be considered when feelings of anger, sadness, and stress cloud our ability to be joyous and happy. The great news is that today is always a new day, full of potential new experiences which you'll decide how to live out. Remember to always live your life well and on purpose and of course Happy Holidays!

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