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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Acknowledgement Goes A long Way

Employers, managers and supervisors often forget to acknowledge the good work of employees. It's important to acknowledge the person or group of people who have done the task well. Some supervisors may feel that because an employee is getting paid to do a job that there is no need for sincere acknowledgement and recognition for a job well done. This couldn’t be further from the truth. People like to feel appreciated even when they are getting paid to do a job in the workplace.

An employee or team that gets acknowledgement and positive feedback continually produces at a high level and feels good about the work they do. In today’s fast-paced, high demand work environment, it’s easy for the “boss” to forget to acknowledge a job well done. High producing and happy employees is a win-win combination for any business.

Two easy and effective ways to give an employee or team positive acknowledgement are:


When acknowledging an employee or the team that has produced good work it's important to be specific. For example:

• Saying the person's name can mean a lot more to the individual or the individual team members than just saying "good work.”

• Mention what you thought was a good idea or some aspect of the work specifically.


•While it doesn't have to go into a lengthy conversation, ask a question that shows interest in their work such as: how did you come to that conclusion, strategy, method, fact, etc.?

In today’s competitive global marketplace where downsizing is the norm, the employee is pressured to keep productivity high with double the work. For many employees this translates into a stressful and unpleasant work environment where they feel their worth is being exploited. Employees fear they may lose their jobs and hold emotions in. Anger and Discontent can brew and may one day explode. The workplace culture suffers and so does the bottom line.

To get the most out of challenging dynamics in the workplace, making employees feel valued and appreciated goes far in creating productivity and good will. Show an interest in your employees work, give positive feedback and acknowledgement, be specific about your comments and know your employees names. These motivating strategies can make the difference between mediocre, good and excellent productivity. In turn the employee will want to continue to do good work because they know they are appreciated. Try it the next time you get a good product from your employees and feel the energetic difference that follows.

Yacine Bell CAMF;CPCC; Certified Mediator, VPS
Director of the Anger Management Institute, LLC
An Anderson & Anderson Anger Management Provider