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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

100 Year Old Wisdom Still Stands Today

As far as possible one should not interfere in the affairs of others.....Bagavan

Recently, an employer mandated client was ordered to anger management for an altercation that was ignited as a result of 'gossiping'.  The tension between the two employees resulted in a confrontation right in the hub of the workplace. I cringed from just listening to the story.

As the employer mandated client was recanting the details it motivated me to go back to an article I recently read on the ills of gossiping. I was motivated to find the 19th century etiquette book. "American Etiquette And Rules Of Politeness".  Rules for everyday proper behavior in 19th century life. 

I found the passage called, 'Don't Gossip' surprisingly current for 21st century work/life.
"Be Free From Tattling". "Do not inflict upon society and another member of that despicable and dangerous species called Gossipers. That tongue that carries slander and defames the character of others is as dark as sin itself. Always be careful in your conversations not to dwell on what you heard somebody say about somebody else".

Moral of the story is stay out of other peoples business. Don't partiscipate in negative stories and don't pass those stories around. Gossip has a long fuse that eventually ignites. Gossip is never helpful or productive as in this case of the gosisiping employees who brought the whole workplace down in 10 minutes.


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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Anger Is Normal

ANGER is a normal emotion designed to protect us and keep us alive. It should be differentiated from THE ANGRY REACTION which is a behavior pattern that is usually learned in early childhood and which is the aggressive reaction to the perception we are being attacked. That attack is most commonly verbal, but can also be physical, psychological or emotional.

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