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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Think Before You Act

Last night I watched what potentially was going to be and argument between two people who were in separate automobiles. It got a little intense between the two drivers and I could tell by the body language of other pedestrians witnessing this "stand-off" I wasn't the only one feeling the tenseness of the moment. After what felt like a long time the driver who was technically 'right" acquiesce to the other driver and drove away.  Had the driver not driven away this incident could have developed into a war of "will" and "ego". When an argument reduces itself to either it can get really ugly.

The driver who drove away exhibited the behavior of impulse control. Without him exhibiting impulse control a dangerous situation could have developed.  

Impulse control involves understanding the appropriate times and ways to act on emotions and impulses. The importance of the behavior is that you think before you act. Had the driver not had impulse control we certainly would have witnessed some impatient and impulsive action. 

Impulse control is key to managing anger.  Your best weapon against impulsive behavior is to force yourself to take a pause before you jump into a situation.  For some taking, a few breaths works.  In those few moments ask yourself what alternative actions you could take. "Is it worth it", " or maybe "don't take it personal".

The incident last night was reaffirming that sometimes even if you're "right" it's just way better to acquiesce. To acquiesce can be used as a tool as well because some stuff is just not worth fighting about.