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Monday, July 8, 2013

Stress Management 101

Part 1

Stress has two faces.  It is both normal and dangerous.  It is both energizing and debilitating.  It can move you forward or be the precursor to fatal illnesses.  This first series on stress 101 is to give you the foundation and knowledge and tips of recognizing, understanding and managing stress.  First a foundation of  knowledge of stress is essential.

 If you’re breathing and living in the world then you’re going to experience stress.  What we’re usually talking about when we speak of stress are a set of symptoms that vary from person to person.  Stomach issues, digestive issues, tightness of your neck and shoulders, depression, constant fatigue, headaches, and sleeplessness to name a few symptoms caused by excessive stress. 

 A certain amount of stress is normal and good.  It is a driving energy that is usable and  an energy that you can use to move forward in your life.  When stress is good it is energizing, motivating and productive.  Stress becomes a problem both physically and mentally when there is too much or experienced over a prolonged period of time without relief.