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Thursday, July 30, 2009

President-elect Obama's Relevant Message

Any seasoned anger management expert, or one who is committed to healing and growth, will often implore a client or dear friend who has ever experienced betrayal, hurt, or any variety of unhappiness or unfairness at the hands of another, to move on and look ahead, and even forgive. The notion that forgiveness is the link to healing and growth could never be more true. Even our President-elect Barack Obama has implored the nation of supporters and non supporters to put the past 12-months of unrelenting and contensious campaigning behind us so that we might look ahead to a new day rife with hope and promise. Where anger in particular is concerned, it is my hope and a focus of my practice to impart the idea of letting the past stay in the past so that life and great opportunities can flourish. If you're struggling with 'letting go' or stuck, my anger management program could be the first step towards renewal and healing. My self, Yacine Bell and the Anger Management Institute is working to enhance peoples lives, contact me directly for more information at aminstitute@gmail.com.

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