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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Staying Calm, Cool, and...

We know the drill. There's much to be concerned about and worried for as we embark on the third month of 2009. Yet if we insist on taking control over our emotions and choose to remain calm and cool, we can easily impact our quality of life. I'm not suggesting we can do a thing about the plunging Dow market, or influence how our 401ks perform on any given day. Further, short of remaining professional and offering great ideas that benefit our work teams, managers' needs, and projects, ultimately we can't even control if we'll have job security. But I maintain that where we have the most power and control over our daily lives is how we choose to react to situations. Regardless of the economic downturn we all know too well is upon us, how we react to the anger and frustrations we feel when we believe we are powerless, will color a situation much more negatively and adversely than need be. Quite often, a simple adjustment to our mood, and most importantly our perceptions, can inject a feeling of hope to an otherwise difficult situation. I'm so proud of the work I'm involved in at the Anger Management Institute, with 99 percent success rate of helping move people forward from anger and frustration to calmness, self control and power over their own lives, I'm convinced that anger management is a key part for anyone struggling to maintain emotional balance. More importantly, however, are the tenacious men and women I've met through my work. People of every racial, socio-economic, and educational level who decided to take on their anger issues have created a much more satisfying life for themselves. What I've learned through helping others is that 'our' own happiness and outlook on life situations, really is much more a decision that we make and one that we can control with practice.

I would love to help you or someone you know learn more about managing anger effectively and with success by contacting me, Yacine Bell for more information. My email address is aminstitute@gmail.com.

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