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Monday, January 11, 2010

A Message to Human Resource Departments

This is a reprint of an article written by my mentor and the Guru of Anger Management, George Anderson.

I am a specialist in Employer ordered clients for both small and large businesses. As the director of the Anger Management Institute, I have successfully solved numerous hostile workplace environments. The problem is usually one employee, manager or supervisor however the damage, ill feelings disjointed team and absenteeism is far reaching. I think that George says this well.

Enlightened Human Resource Managers recognize the value of taking action quickly when any violence in the workplace policy is violated. Doing nothing is an invitation to “hostile workplace” liability lawsuits.

Physical altercations are far less common than verbal behavior that is interpreted by the victim as demeaning, threatening, arrogant or disruptive. Anger Management rather than counseling is the intervention of choice for interpersonal conflicts at work.

When mandating anger management to an employee, it is best for the H.R. Manager to personally contact a Certified Anger Management Provider prior to making the referral. Legitimate Anger Management Facilitators offer their services in person rather than on-line. They use Pre and Post Assessments for each client. They use client workbooks and provide anger management either individually or in small groups.

Finally, they are accustomed to working with H.R. referrals and dealing with resistant clients. They are aware of the need to provide appropriated feedback to H.R. Managers.

If your workplace environment is affected by abrasive and unruly employees or management then please call the Anger Management Institute,LLC. 510.393.0250