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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Aggressive Management Can Affect A Companies Bottom-Line

Aggressive and bully bosses are so common that 17 states are working on legislation that will hold bully bosses accountable for their inappropriate behavior in the workplace.  Nothing has passed yet, however it is important because it acknowledges that employees are experiencing an epidemic level of mistreatment from higher-ups in the workplace. Poor treatment of employees is directly connected to increased absenteeism, less company loyalty and less employee work effort.  

Smart business owners and CEO's know you can't meet company goals if you have a disgruntled and fearful workforce led by a bully upper-manager.  The best antidote to counter aggressive leadership is an Emotional Intelligence-based anger management program. The payoff is considerable!  Your valued manager will have a change in behavior and will be back on the job with better leadership, performance and results from employees.  

Addressing and replacing inappropriate management behavior with a positive leadership engagement style behavior is a win-win process that creates a positive synergy between employees, upper management and can positively contribute to a companies bottom-line.

For more information on Emotional Intelligence Coaching or Anger Management for Aggressive leaders please call the Anger Management Institute, LLC @ 510.393.0250

Friday, December 20, 2013

Anger Management Institute Offers An Evidence Based Program

The Anger Management Institute is an evidence based process specializing in inappropriate behavior in the workplace, workplace violence and bullying in the workplace.  We are an emotional intelligence based process with a pre and post assessment tool used with all entering clients.

AMI's, program have proven to be the most effective for changing and managing behavior; and improving inter and intra personal skills. Emotional Intelligence based coaching is by far the most effective intervention for impulse control. These skills can best be taught in an individualized one-one format for quick thorough and efficient results

For more information on our programs please contact the Anger Management Institute specialist in workplace behavior and performance @510.393.0250.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Bullying In The Workplace

Bullying in the workplace is no laughing matter and it's growing at an alarming rate. The emotional toll is costly to the person being bullied and ultimately costly to the business. More than 40% of people in the workplace have witnessed or have experienced being bullied.  72% of bullies in the workplace are bosses. 

 It is important to be clear of the difference between the tough boss and the bully boss.   After all a boss has the right and responsibility to critique and show concern about work quality. That is his job. While it never feels good to be criticized or reprimanded a tough boss ideally handles the situation professionally and appropriately so that the point is made and the problem is solved.  

The bully boss on the other hand uses a wide range of tactics with the intent to humiliate, embarrass or intimidate. The inappropriate behavior of the bully boss always unravels the targeted person and anyone who witnesses the exchange.  

The most successful approach a business can take is to order a bully boss to Emotional Intelligence based Anger Management. Emotional Intelligence based Anger Management is far more comprehensive than other interventions in changing the bully bosses behavior because it is focused on a wider range of skills that are critical for intra and interpersonal relationships.

For further information please call the Anger Management Institute @ 510.393.0250

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Targeted Behavior of An Aggressive Boss

What does a company do with an aggressive boss who is targeting an employee?  The most cost effective and thorough way to address an aggressive bosses behavior is to order him/her to an Emotional Intelligence based Anger Management program. 

I specialize in working with aggressive bosses who have exhibited inappropriate behavior in the workplace. What I know for sure is that an aggressive boss is never sent to me for one isolated event and usually by time upper management or H.R. becomes aware of the issue  the aggressive bosses target of one individual has often moved beyond the targeted person and into the workplace environment.  

 The aggressive boss behavior issue can effectively be addressed with Emotional Intelligence based Anger Management.  When and issue is addressed specifically through Emotional Intelligence based Anger Management you get a solid ROI because the aggressive boss behavior issue is solved, performance is improved and leadership is stepped up a notch.

For more information about Emotional Intelligence based Anger Management or Performance Coaching  please call the Anger Management Institute, LLC @ 510.393.0250.