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Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Taxing Dilemma

Are you like me, recovering from last week's most draining annual ordeal which many would easily replace undergoing two consecutive root canals performed on a rainy Monday for? I'm referring to April 15, the yearly deadline Internal Revenue Service sets aside for us to file our tax returns. I don't know about you, but for me, the agonizing dilemma of tax season inevitably catches up with me. And guess what folks, this year was unfortunately no different. Keep in mind, my intention is always to file early,to get a head start, and by all means avoid the searing stress and strain that emerges when last minute planning is the order of the day. At least these are my lofty tax goals come January 1st each year. But wouldn't you know it, I didn't get around to my taxes until a few days before? Would I say I was perhaps slightly disappointed in myself? Absolutely. Could the process have been much smoother and angst free with early planning? You bet. And, did I find it a most frustrating, angry even, experience for me, and everyone within a 20 foot radius during April 13-15? Heck yes! Well, perhaps we can all agree that come next April 15, we'll do things earlier, easier, calmer, and nicer for those living with us, and transform the tax dilemma into anything but, by facing April 15, with empowerment and order, thus keeping our stress levels within the range of normal. Really, next year. For sure!

Yacine Bell


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