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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Anger and Life's Challenges

Anger, bickering, resentment are all examples of behaviors employees might exhibit when acting out aggressively in the workplace. For human resources professionals who advise organizations about staffing issues and procedures, it is expected that certain life events and specific times of the year can elicit the worse in employees, particularly those grappling with anger control. A fine example is the economic unrest leaving many to wonder how their dwindling 401k balances, new and ever-changing credit rules, and employment uncertainty will affect them.Times like these are fuel for people without good anger management and can lead to one directing his/her aggression at others on the job, expressing anger toward family members, or using road rage as a means to blow off steam. Experts in anger management suggest one of the best methods for gaining control of these turbulent times, is to turn off the source of the messages that bombard and overwhelm us and lead us to feel hopeless. For many it is watching television, listening to talk radio or news broadcast on the radio. In other words experts suggest that people should consider choosing anything but what you've chosen before to get news and information. Opting out of watching the nightly news may be a big shift for most, but a necessary one for if we're ever going to get a handle on life's challenges and the way in which we react to think about them.Surprisingly, there are numerous tools and tips that are ideal for anyone struggling with anger. These can easily be incorporated into any ones life so that we can lead a much happier and contented quality of life.The Anger Management Institute is working to enhance peoples lives, learn more by visiting angerinstitute.net .

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