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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Satisfied Client

Dear George Anderson,

You recently recommended Yacine Bell to provide anger/stress
management services for me when I called your office seeking
assistance. I wanted to extend my gratitude to you for the referral
and exclaim accolades regarding her performance.

As a teacher and guide Yacine has a delightful blend of professional
and personable attributes. Her direct yet nurturing demeanor provided
a safe environment through which to embrace awareness of issues I
struggle with and inspired a desire for immediate and sustained
change. After inspiring the hope and motivation for new living, she
collaborated with me to find individually appropriate tools through
which to begin living anew. She is a remarkable individual with
discernment and grace with whom it was easy to enter into a
therapeutic alliance. She has a clear commitment to seeing her
clients succeed and used her abundance of creativity and flexibility
to assist me in my progress. Through her affirmation she created a
sacred space for me to maintain and even increase my dignity while
working through areas in need of growth.

Through our work together Yacine helped me understand that I have been
unwittingly allowing stress to disrupt my professionalism and impede
my ease of living. Her partnership with me in understanding and
managing my stress has since redeemed my professionalism and returned
to me a peace that I hadn’t realized I’d been missing. I am ever
appreciative of the beauty of artistry in her talent.

Please accept my sincerest gratitude for your referral.


E. W, M.A.
Doctor of Psychology Candidate
Fuller Theological Seminary
Graduate School of Psychology

If you or someone you know needs anger management please call: Yacine Bell at the Anger Management Institute, LLC