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Monday, September 9, 2013

The Boss From Hell

I'm working with a brilliant employer ordered client.  He has a wonderful value system and great follow through on his values and ethics however he probably is a combination of many employers dream and nightmare.

The dream employee is one who takes initiative, knows and loves the work and is so good at what he does that he makes money for the company beyond the quarterly goal.  The nightmare is that often this type of employees focus is more about the work than the staff that do the work.  Knowing the work does not always mean you have the ability to lead the people who do the jobs. 

 Mark regards his staff  as being on another level than himself.   Consequently, his department soars in accomplishments but the carnage this leader leaves in the wake of delivering a high bar of excellence is considerable. This has to do with Mark being a perfectionist who lacks emotional intelligence.  His focus is askew.

 Marks focuses a lot on his belief of being on a  "higher level" than his staff.  The result of this thinking is a preoccupation of finding errors in the staffs work.  It is almost like looking for shortcomings to prove his personal theory of being "better than them".  Because the focus is there he always gets' a payoff of finding an error to confirm his "truth".  These constant shortcomings creates high frustration and anxiety for Mark. As a result of his focus  Mark is always yelling or criticizing one of his staff members for what he perceives as their shortcoming.  As a result there is always dissension among his ranks.

Mark is actually focusing on the wrong thing which is the minutia when in fact if he focused on how his team and the team members have made his departments the "star"  department he could see the staff members value. 

Mark is pretty much angry on a daily basis which is why he is in anger management. Mark has forgotten that the success of the department is a collaborative effort between he and his staff.  Our work together will be to enhance his emotional intelligence and to switch his focus to a prospective that will better serve him and the dept staff.  The more realistic prospective is that he and his staff work together to make this success.  By enhancing Mark's EQ he can decipher better the complementing strengths that make for the departments success and less about the staffs differences. I call this shifting.  By helping Mark shift his perspective/focus he will shift to a new reality.  One which will take huge pressure off of him and his department staff.

If you have a manager or boss creating discomfort in your workplace please call the Anger Management Institute, LLC. 510.393.0250 we have the solution.