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Friday, June 13, 2014

Five Qualities of A Good Leader

I read a great article today about the qualities of a great leader. These qualities are the same for the cheerleading coach as they are for the CEO of a company.  While the author sighted 11 qualities I will site/post the first 5 and the others in another post. 
What you will discover is that all of the qualities necessary for a great leader have less to do with IQ and everything to do with EQ or Emotional Intelligence also called "people skills"!
1. Great Leaders are good decision makers and take responsibility for their choices and actions.
2. Great  Leaders have a plan and are committed, flexible and focused on the big picture. Sometimes the journey towards the big picture holds surprises and challenges not anticipated so flexibility is necessary so that shifts in the plan are creative forces and not problems.
3.Great Leaders are focused on the big picture but not exclusively to the point where they loose sight of the day to day. Also, great leaders use their past lessons where appropriate as knowledge.
4.Good Leaders are emotionally self-aware and use this competency as a filter to know what is important and what is not.
5. Good leaders have ethics
A smart candidate from a good school use to be the desired person in leadership positions. More and more I am being hired by companies that are catching up to the fact that being smart has advantages however a leader needs good people skills. A leader needs to have the ability to move people cooperatively and confidently in a productive and emotionally intelligent way.

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Managers Need People Skills

The fact of the matter is that people who are in charge of managing others need to be chosen for a managerial position because they are emotionally intelligent with high people skills. All to often people are moved "up the ladder" because they did the job well when in fact the higher "up the ladder" the greater the people skills need to be.

 One skill paramount in managing others is empathy. The greater the empathy the better a difficult situation is potentially is handled.

Really simple.

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