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Monday, January 12, 2015

More On Bullying In The Workplace

Recently, I had a client sent to me from a major corporation.  H.R. reported her as having  challenges in resolving issues with co-workers.  Susan basically is a bully and uses strong verbal threats with her colleagues. In one situation, the one that landed her in my office, Susan decided to have a physical altercation with one of her peers.  This Bully employee was already on record as being verbally threatening long before she was sent to anger management and in my opinion should have been sent long before the fight ensued at work.

 Susan, is a 20-year employee with an otherwise good work record. A good work record should never be considered more important than appropiate behavior however it was in this case.  Susan was well known among peers and her employer for being a bully.  It could be that the HR dept thought her behavior would just go away with a few write ups of inappropriate behavior.  Write ups can sometimes work however, realistically; it is not a real solution to the problem of bullying co-workers simply because bad behavior "rolls out" and affects many.  Not addressing Susan's behavior earlier eventually lead to a fight that not only threatened Susan's employment but also created a tension that rippled throughout the workplace.
A good employee with bad behavior is a threat to moral and production in the workplace. Anger management is a relatively quick and cost effective process to solving most workplace behavior issues.  Doing "nothing" however will not work; is not a solution and has long term effects in the workplace enviornment.
Here is the definition of bullying in the workplace:
1.Threatening-humiliating or intimidation.
2. Workplace interference-sabotage-which prevents work from getting done and/or verbal abuse.
Anger Management Institute, LLC, specializes in workplace behavior and issues. 

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