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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What Being An Evidence Based Process Means

I always refer to my anger and stress management practice as being an evidence based practice (EBP) however what does that really mean?

 Being an evidence based practice (EBP)includes additional components that raise the value and results of the work.  Being an evidence practice is a problem solving approach that includes research, expertise and the clients values and circumstances.
The American Counselors Association highly encourages EBP and encourages Counselors to use modalities that are grounded in theory and/or have an empirical or scientific foundation.  The combination of skill, science and client needs and circumstances is considered by ACA as the gold standard for the highest possible outcomes.
The Anger Management Institute is an evidence based process with a pre and post assessment.  We are an emotional intelligence based anger and stress management practice. We use an American Medical Association Level B instrument as part of our process for determining the best course of action for moving a client forward from where they are to where they need to be.  The curriculum for each client is highly customized and is designed based on science, expertise and client needs and circumstance.
The Anger Management Institute, LLC specializes in emotional intelligence (people skills) anger and stress management in the workplace 510.393.0250


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