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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Targeted Behavior of An Aggressive Boss

What does a company do with an aggressive boss who is targeting an employee?  The most cost effective and thorough way to address an aggressive bosses behavior is to order him/her to an Emotional Intelligence based Anger Management program. 

I specialize in working with aggressive bosses who have exhibited inappropriate behavior in the workplace. What I know for sure is that an aggressive boss is never sent to me for one isolated event and usually by time upper management or H.R. becomes aware of the issue  the aggressive bosses target of one individual has often moved beyond the targeted person and into the workplace environment.  

 The aggressive boss behavior issue can effectively be addressed with Emotional Intelligence based Anger Management.  When and issue is addressed specifically through Emotional Intelligence based Anger Management you get a solid ROI because the aggressive boss behavior issue is solved, performance is improved and leadership is stepped up a notch.

For more information about Emotional Intelligence based Anger Management or Performance Coaching  please call the Anger Management Institute, LLC @ 510.393.0250.

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