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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Aggressive Management Can Affect A Companies Bottom-Line

Aggressive and bully bosses are so common that 17 states are working on legislation that will hold bully bosses accountable for their inappropriate behavior in the workplace.  Nothing has passed yet, however it is important because it acknowledges that employees are experiencing an epidemic level of mistreatment from higher-ups in the workplace. Poor treatment of employees is directly connected to increased absenteeism, less company loyalty and less employee work effort.  

Smart business owners and CEO's know you can't meet company goals if you have a disgruntled and fearful workforce led by a bully upper-manager.  The best antidote to counter aggressive leadership is an Emotional Intelligence-based anger management program. The payoff is considerable!  Your valued manager will have a change in behavior and will be back on the job with better leadership, performance and results from employees.  

Addressing and replacing inappropriate management behavior with a positive leadership engagement style behavior is a win-win process that creates a positive synergy between employees, upper management and can positively contribute to a companies bottom-line.

For more information on Emotional Intelligence Coaching or Anger Management for Aggressive leaders please call the Anger Management Institute, LLC @ 510.393.0250

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