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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Anger Management Is More Than Just Anger Management

 It is not unusual for someone to call and cancel their first appointment a few times before finally arriving to my office. After all who REALLY wants to come to Anger Management?    Anger Management is a process that goes far beyond dealing with just anger. Anger Management is not therapy however it is incredibly therapeutic.  In actuality it is performance management.  If you are not getting something that you want more than likely you are doing a behavior that is preventing your success. It is a behavior that happens over and over again in one or more aspects of your life and usually with the same result. Maybe you don't know how to stop the behavior. Maybe you don't really know what to do. Maybe you can't exactly put your finger on what the behavior is. Anger may be how you arrive to my office because you're acting out.  Granted acting out is an issue for you.  However your anger is under the umbrella of something bigger. Let's find out what that is and many things will positively reconfigure around you.

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