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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Little Information About Anger In The Workplace

Anger is a natural human emotion.  We are all wired for it. It is okay to get angry.  Anger is actually a tool for protection and survival. Anger protects us in harmful situations by disconnecting us from our reason. This is popularly known as "fight" or "flight". In professional environments however neither reaction is constructive. Both reactions drive us from our work and drain our energy, and then lead to feelings of resentment and frustrations.

Disagreeing with someone in the workplace is not uncommon however there is "appropriate" and "inappropriate" ways to pound out your differences or disagreements.  Anger appropriately used can move you forward with your colleagues and even affect a better outcome of a project.  The most necessary skill needed is assertive communication and compromise.  Inappropriate anger in the workplace particularly when the behavior is repeated can affect moral, attendance and productivity and lastly probably land you in an anger management program.

The Anger Management Institute is an assessment based, evidence based program with effective results.
The Anger Management Institute is the most respected and popular choice of Human Resource Departments.  Everything get's easier after "hello".

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