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Monday, October 1, 2012

Keep An Anger Log

When we look at a situation that make us angry, it is common to blame the situation and other people for our anger.  We tend to think that what someone else did is the cause of our anger and inappropriate responses. Contrary to this belief other people or situations are NOT what makes us act inappropriately.  What really makes us angry is our is thinking angrily about the things that happen to us.  Whatever we think or tell ourselves about an event makes us angry.  NOT THE EVENT.

One tool I use with some clients is to keep an anger log.  Whenever you are aware of feeling angry is when you should write in your log.  You can write in your Anger Log immediately after the episode occurs or at the end of the day when you have had more time to reflect. 

One purpose of keeping an Anger Log is that you will begin to be more aware of the triggering thoughts and consequences of your anger. 

Don't get a pretty book to use as an Anger Log just get a composition or inexpensive notebook.  Really nice journals often make us think that we should be smart or write flowing sentences that are grammatically correct.  This Anger Log is for you alone.  Just write.

Keep your log simple and follow these steps each time:

Situation: Describe the situation about which you have become angry.

1. Beliefs - What did you tell yourself about a situation.
2  Feelings - Describe how you felt
3. Actions - Describe what you did.
4. Dispute - If your thinking is what caused the anger, modify your thought process. In other words what is another prospective to stand in around the event. 

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