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Friday, June 24, 2016

A Look At Doing The Job And Work Styles

Good work cannot be limited to just doing the job. Sounds strange because that's what an employer wants right?

  I have a client who is brilliant at his job however he is rather like a bad virus that infects his unit as a result of his bad temperament. No one really wants to work with him.  John is exceptionally qualified to be a project lead however he's always passed over for team leader positions.  John is chosen for projects (because he's going to do his job) although he is most often chosen last or by default because there is so much emotional territory that come with working with him.

Why last to be chosen and/or by default if he's good??  John lacks interpersonal skills, low impulse control,and poor empathy.  This combination of behavior's creates a personality with a work style that is a challenge to work with even though he does the actual assignments well.

My client John is working on his emotional intelligence with emphasis on his temperament and interpersonal skills because he wants to be considered for leadership positions in a company and because he wants friendlier workplace relationships.  What we are doing now is working on the style at which he does his job and his emotional intelligence.

What John knows now is what employers should be more aware of when hiring prospective employees and that is that interpersonal skills, resourcefulness, creativity and empathy should be as much of a consideration as ability.

John is once again looking for a new job as he wasn't rehired however I am hopeful that whoever hires John will consider his ability to do the job and the style at which he completes his work!

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